Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Weekend Stuff

So there it went... another glorious 48 hours of pure bliss. How I love the weekends. Even when we don't do anything I love them.
This weekend we just hung out around the house. I tried my hand at some southern faire. I attempted Paula Deen's chicken fried steak. Let me just say that I am clearly not a chicken fried steak kinda girl. I mean I guess it was good. The family like it but not me. My Dad may have rolled over in his grave a little when I made it too.
A real estate agent showed the house on Sunday. So of course that meant we had to leave for a while. We went to lunch and bowling as a family. That was nice.
We talked about moving. We dreamt about places to live. New neighborhoods. Seasons. Well maybe I was the only one dreaming about seasons, my poor kids only know two seasons. Warm and then summer. Warm is the season for spring, winter and fall around here. I mean sure sometimes it gets a little chilly in the winter but seriously when it is this hot it is so hard to remember why I even own long sleeves or pants. I am so looking forward to having 4 real seasons where ever we should end up.
I don't know why but I am so drawn to the south. I am so wanting to end up in Tennesee, North Carolina and I am even opening my mind to Austin Texas. At this point so many people have suggested Austin that I can't help but think it's a sign. I have to say researching it on the internet makes it look pretty awesome. One of the families at school is getting ready to move there and they are so excited it really is a little contagious.
I think one of the reasons I am so attracted to the south is almost all of my favorite movies were based in the south. The Blind Side. Hope Floats. A Time to Kill (featuring my ex-boyfriend Matthew McConaughey).
I mean my God look at him. He's from Texas, things have to be good there right?

Forrest Gump. All great movies, all southern. It just seems like time moves a little slower there. Like people are friendlier and whenever they show the neighborhoods on HGTV House Hunters everything looks more spread out. Here in California the houses are on top of each other and in our neighborhood people don't even hang out with each other.
I just want a fresh start so badly for all of us. I want Chris to find a job he loves where he is so appreciated for his tremendous talent. I want the kids to find schools that they love so that they don't miss their friends and schools here as much, because I realize how hard this is going to be on them and I know they will miss it but I just want to soften the blow. I want to find a new comfort zone for me. I want to wake up every morning knowing that things are getting better and that we are going to be okay. Right now I wake up every morning praying for this. Praying that today will be the day that something good happens. It has been such a stressful time for us in these last two years that I know it has to get better. I know that there is a bigger better plan for us and by God I am ready. I even am looking forward to picking up a new accent! Tonight we went to a barbecue place for dinner and on the way home Chris, Allison and I kind of worked on that. Chris has his down for sure he'll be fitting in in no time. Allison and I are going to take some work. I am sure Gianna will be fine too she picks up on accents pretty quick with her acting so she will be all over the lingo.
So with that I say-Y'all come back soon and I will be sure to have some good news for ya. (see I told you I need to work on it)

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  1. What happened to make him your ex? I thought it was a lifelong love affair?! I really hate hearing about your move - it bothers me more and more. We just love you guys! BUT I am happy for your new adventures.
    Thank you for your sweet comments - I will show you that collage - you will love it!
    And, we lost Bro yesterday. So sad :(


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