Monday, August 9, 2010

The Big Splurge and a couple of sidenotes.

Yesterday morning (well it wasn't really morning because I didn't even get out of bed til 10:00 am) my girls and I ran to Target, you know not really for anything specific but just to check things out, get a Starbucks and walk around. While we were there I received a phone call. The first realtor phone call. You know the one, where they want to show your house. As I was talking to the agent Gianna and Allison were standing there listening and watching me and suddenly Gianna dropped her cup, like let it fall from her hand and she said "I don't want them to show my house, I don't want to move". I told the agent it was fine, that they could show it and that we would not be home. So knowing that Gianna was super uncomfortable with this whole thing I said "let's go home, get ready and drive to downtown Disney to have dinner" Disneyland is in Anaheim, we live in the desert, it's about a 2 hours drive, not something we would normally do so spontaneously on a Sunday afternoon but I knew it was probably the best thing for us. We came home got the house all staged and I took a shower and got ready and we got in Chris's big truck (he was using my car for the weekend on his trip to Monterey for his HS reunion) and hit the road. First let me be clear, the truck? way too big for me. Totally makes me uncomfortable to drive it and to park it is an even bigger nightmare, which always leads to fits of laughter from the kids because they think it's hysterical when I behave as though I am driving a big rig. But I did it. I drove that big 'ol thing all the way to Anaheim. Thank God that there wasn't much traffic.
Once we arrived at the Happiest Place on Earth, or at least it's free counterpart known as Downtown Disney I knew that we would have to go into one of the parks. I knew that I wasn't going to be satisfied if we didn't get to ride a few rides and have some fun. We decided to splurge. We had absolutely no business spending the money to go to California Adventure but I decided I didn't care. We have had a rough 3 months and we were going to do it anyway. I knew it was irresponsible but oh well. You only live once right? I am so glad we did. We had so much fun. Just me and my girls. We rode a few rides, got completely drenched on Roaring Rapids and had a great dinner and laughed ourselves silly at dinner. It was so good for us. Gianna kept thanking me and telling me how happy she was. It felt good. It felt like old times when we were able to just be spontaneous before things started going to Hell in a hand basket.
Oh my gosh, then when we were all done we headed out to the parking lot to leave. As we walked toward the truck we noticed another large truck and it was parked directly behind me. Oh how I wish I would have taken pictures because telling this story is not going to do it justice but I will try anyway. So I mentioned how I am not the best park-er, well I am really, really bad at pulling out of the parking spot too. Backing that bad boy up is so daunting to me and when I sit in the driver's seat and look in the rear view mirror at the bed I swear to you it looks like it is 40 feet long. As soon as I got in and saw that big, lifted, painted flame truck in the spot directly behind me I knew it wasn't going to happen, I knew there was no way this lady was getting us out of there. So Allison went and got the police. Yes, the police had to help us back the truck out of the parking spot. Not kidding, and the best part was that it was difficult for them too. One of them even said a few times "I can't do this, there is no way I can do this". I don't know why this part made me so happy but it did. I was so glad that I wasn't just being dramatic or playing damsel in distress, it really wasn't easy to do. After about 10 minutes and a security guards intervention (so that makes two cops a security guard, me and the kids all working together to get one truck out of a parking spot) we finally got it! We drove home safely and were in bed before 11:00. What a great day.
A couple of other really great things happened in the last week. One of my very best friends since I was 13 became a grandma. It wasn't something that was planned and my girlfriend wasn't prepared to take that walk into grandma-hood but it has turned out to be amazing. I am so excited for her and her daughter both. I can't wait to meet the baby and hopefully it will happen soon. I have seen pictures and she is beautiful.
The other awesome thing was one of my facebook friends adopted a baby girl. It isn't official for another hour and half, they are literally counting down right now I am sure. I don't know the whole story, we have been inbox messaging about it for the last few days and I am so happy for her.
I love baby news. I love hearing about a new life being brought into this world. It makes me feel like everything is going to be alright.


  1. I love how you just went for it and headed to Disney!! I'm sure the kids were THRILLED!

    And I can't believe you almost got stuck there! I remember when hubby and I moved to AZ (long before the kids were born), we ran the U-Haul up on the curb at the hotel and nearly got stuck because another car decided to park on the curb instead of a space-- ack!

  2. Oh, this made me cry. For so many reasons. I'm glad you went to Disneyland and had so much fun. You all deserve it.. . . xo

  3. I love big cars/trucks/suv's. In my tiny little car I have a deep fear that I will be squashed. I think though, that it is built into us women to just suck at parking though. My attempts to park always get a laugh from my husband! Which is a similar to my laugh to when he has to unclog the toilet (payback can be oh so sweet!)


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