Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today we did it. We put the house on the market. We did it because we had to, not because we were ready to or because Chris has some great job offer and we know where we are going. I would like to say more, I would like to tell the whole story, believe me there is so much more to tell and so much more detail to go into but I can't. My poor husband is so private, he never tells anybody anything and then he married me. I have the biggest mouth in the world. I mean for God's sake I started a flippin blog so that I could tell my story! I think that I see every opportunity to tell my story as a chance to network, like as in 'well maybe if I tell everybody what is going on then a wonderful job opportunity will come of it'. Or... 'if I tell people the story about how my whole family died somebody will have had the same thing happen to them and then we can be friends and bond over it.' I am not kidding that is how I think. Is it crazy? Why do I have this need to share everything?
While I am going to refrain from going into detail about our situation I will say that I am trying my hardest to look at this is in a positive light. I am trying to see this as our new adventure. We are going to have to find somewhere to live right? Maybe it will be in my dream place (not even sure where that even is anymore) and it will be our dream neighborhood and we will find so much happiness and joy there. I am trying to practice "The Secret" I am going to try reading the book again and try actually going through the motions of "putting it out there". Letting the universe know that I am ready. So ready for a change and ready for stability, happiness and peace.
As this adventure goes on and as all the good things begin to happen for us I will keep you posted and then, and only then (I am saying this in case the husband is reading) will I tell the whole story. I really do think that someday I will need to write a book. Because I am not kidding you I know I have spilled it on here but I promise I have not even begun to touch on the crazy that is my life. Things I have to tell are things that make people say "Oh my gosh your life is a Dr. Phil series of episodes" notice how I didn't just say one episode, we are talking 3 part series. Anyway once I have people's permission or once the people in question are no longer with us (In this part I am NOT referring to my husband) I will tell my whole story. Until then I will have to remain cryptic and mysterious... just kidding not really that mysterious.


  1. love your honesty. it's real, with a slight bit of humor. something great will come your way. i'm sure of it!

  2. You are an incredibly AWESOME person. I am so glad you stopped by my page and commented!! Our stories are more ways than one. I share. My husband does not (lol). Our family had to sell our beautiful brand new spacious home last year. We lived in it for ten years. Had to scale down due to the lovely economy. We're now living in a 2br townhouse and couldn't be happier. Hard at first - but ever so worth it.

    Another thing in common: I have the Secret DVD, which is boxed up somewhere...probably in the garage. I'm sure you will enjoy the book. Anyway, so glad you shared this story. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  3. I am a big believer in things happen for a reason, I know, shoot me it's so cliche. You have the right attitude. Life is an adventure that takes you on some crazy routes. In the end you will be better and stronger for the experience and at worst, you will be a survivor.

    Sending you positive vibes dude (imagine me in hippie's at least good for a laugh!)

  4. Thanks guys I feel like good things are in the works. Oh and Kathryn I use dude on a daily basis. Even without any fringe or tye dye! Hope you had a great time at BlogHer!


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