Thursday, June 24, 2010

the other side of me...

Since I have had some new readers lately and have been making a few new friends in blog world I thought maybe I would write a post about me. I thought maybe some of you would like to know a little more about me and let's be honest who doesn't want to just sit and talk about themselves! Ha! If you are new here and are under the impression that my blog is about grieving and mourning your are in for a surprise. I started this blog months before my mom died, before I was even taking care of her full time. I started this blog because I wanted my kids to have a place where they could read about my family, long before I lost my mom I lost most of my other family members and have always been afraid that my kids wouldn't know any of these people or my memories of them unless I wrote them down somewhere. Then after I started writing I found out I had another brother. So then of course I had to tell that story, cause really finding out that your mom had another kid and forgot to mention it to you 41 years later is kinda crazy!
So here I am all these months later and I am totally in love with blogging and I love telling my story and love meeting new people in the blogosphere. But yesterday I was thinking maybe I should tell you all a little about me. I am a mother, wife, sister, aunt, teacher and friend. I am crafty and love to create things. For several years I was a stay at home mom and for extra income I scrap booked for people. I enjoyed it but burned out after a few years. The irony of course is that I have a scrapbook room in my home and did it for strangers for years and am so behind on my books I need to hire somebody to get me up to date! I also love to make things for people and sometimes think I should try to sell things on etsy but then my ADD kicks in and then I move on to something else before I ever get a chance to list anything! I am adding a few pictures of some of the things that I have made in the past. I love making things a few times then I get tired of it and want to make something else. Story of my life. Fickle girl.

I am also a cheer mom. A total pain in the butt cheer mom. Just kidding I am not crazy, I am not going to put a hit out on any girls who get in my girls way or might be better than my daughter. I just enjoy having a daughter who cheers. I guess on some level it allows me to live vicariously through her since I was never a cheerleader or as cute and popular as she is when I was in high school. She is the quintessential cheerleader. Tall. Blond. Thin. I should really trip her or beat her up but I love her so I will leave her alone. I never thought in a million years that I would love having a teenage daughter and love her friends so much I have always worked with young children and they are so cute and teenagers can be so moody but here I am hanging with the teenagers. I am the team mom, they dubbed me that not me. I love to host the parties, I love to hear about their lives and give them advice. It has been great having them around. The best part is I have another daughter who is 5 years younger so that means I get to keep doing this for so many years! I don't think that my younger daughter will be the cheerleader type but she is very talented in her own right. She is quite an awesome little actress and is very involved in several acting companies/groups. She loves to sing and perform for anybody who will listen. She amazes me. I could never stand up in front of a crowd and do the things she does. She is incredibly smart and has an amazing ability to memorize all her lines (and everyone else's) and every single time she is in a show/play she blows me away and brings me to tears. I would imagine that when she gets to high school she will be involved in the performing arts and then I will get to know that whole crowd. I can't wait. In some ways both of my girls are a lot like me but in some ways they are everything I have never been and I love that. I love being able to see the other side.
So that's it. That is who I am and what is going on in my life at the moment. See it's not all crying and grieving. We have fun around here too. As a matter of fact right now, I need to get off the computer so I can go make some goodies for the girls to surprise the girls with at cheer camp next week. I will post pictures later so just in case on of those nosey little brats logs on here they won't see what they are getting! Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a nice comment. Come back anytime!
    I love you blog and especially this sweet!

  2. precious.

    and i was a cheerleader....oh, cheerleading camp! what great memories! your family is precious!

  3. Great Post Nina, I loved it, Kristin xo


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