Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Lights... and the first week of school.

So I couldn't wait for it. I was so anxious for school to start, to get back in our routine and feel like at least one thing in our life was moving forward.... and you know what it was good. It wasn't great, but it was good.
Being back at school, having new eager Kindergartners ready to learn and anxious to see what this new class was all about. Oh and the best part? I have an awesome new aid! Yay me! Last year I didn't have one, well cause honestly I didn't need one, cause again I only had 7 kids. This year I have 16 and will actually have 17 starting next week. I know that is still nothing compared to public schools now a days but it was a big jump from 7 to 16 so I am happy to have her. She's young, enthusiastic and ready to jump right in.
My kids also started school and they are both very happy. Like their new teachers, happy to be back with their friends, and probably a little happy to be back in a routine whether they admit it or not.
Allison's school just opened last year as a brand new high school with only freshmen and sophomore classes, this year they have juniors so that means they are going to have varsity teams. Which is very exciting, although without seniors on your varsity team it's a little tough to compete against other teams but we will see how it goes. Tonight they had their first home game, it wasn't an official game, just pre-season scrimmage but it was still really exciting and we were happy to finally have a game under the lights.
A little of this and a little of that at our first home game of the season.
The cheerleaders were definitely excited to be cheering on their Knights. The girls are doing so well and have seriously improved since last year at this time. They have a very tight bond and for the most part get along really, really well. We are so happy to have Allison be a part of this team and be the Captain. She loves it.
This town we live in is really small and word has traveled quickly about our house selling and our pending move. Which is funny cause we still have absolutely no idea where or when we are moving but at the same time it is inevitable, cause the house sold. Anyway, the coach and a couple of the girls and I were talking tonight and one of the cheerleaders said the sweetest thing ever to me. She said (with tears pooled in her eyes, which then made me tear up even before she began) "I don't want this to sound mean about the rest of the team, but I don't know what we are going to do without Alli, she is what keeps us all together, she is the one that holds us together as a team". Oh my gosh, what a compliment to my kid. It made me sad though to think of saying goodbye to this cheer team and all of these girls that I have grown to know and love so much. There are a few on the team that I would gladly take and raise (the little time of raising them that is left) them as my own. We will miss them so much. I am looking forward to spending this last football season with them though and watching them cheer on their boys under the Friday Night Lights.

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  1. Can we please go to the next home game with you? PLEASE let us know as all 3 of us would really really like to see the girls and the game!!! xoxoxo


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