Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a bit creepy, but beautiful at the same time!

Okay, so this might seem a little weird and I don't know why but these things have fascinated me so today Allison and I took a photo tour...of cemeteries.

They are everywhere here. This one is my favorite it is in walking distance from our house. The history here is unbelievable. The headstones tell a story in and of themselves. They truly are beautiful. 

I can't tell you why they move me so much, but I will tell you driving through and walking through this cemetery is a truly peaceful experience for me. I am so intrigued with every headstone, all the names and dates. We even found someone that might be related to Chris's side of the family... who knows?

I will say though some of them have shown up in the most random places and that is one thing that we are still getting used to. Here is one in somebody's front yard... not kidding. Their house is to the left and then right there is a little cemetery. It's so strange. But it's kind of cool because you know it's been there forever.

Then there is this one... well it's the craziest one of all. It's right in the middle of a parking lot of a strip mall. Super Target, Giant Grocery, Taekwondo place, Chic fil a.... and a small cemetery. 

Then there is the first one we ever found. It's right next to a church. It's another one that when you walk through it the history is amazing. The dates on some of these are so old and you just wonder if their ancestors still live here, or if they know that their great, great grandpa is buried somewhere so cool.

The best part of this cemetery though is the story of when we saw it for the first time. We were driving by and we were all working on our southern accents at the time. Allison took one look at this place and said (in her best southern drawl) and I quote "well looky there, them people got a one way ticket straight up to heaven...a one way ticket. shoot." I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard at anything that child has said before. I mean it took me by surprise and her accent was killing me!
Oh the fun of cemetery tours. Oh the fun.
Hope you enjoyed my creepy little tour, it probably would have been a more appropriate post around Halloween but we didn't live here then.

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  1. i did. a little strange i must admit, the one at the home and the one by super target is a little creepy. just odd.


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