Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching Up

So, wow it's been a while. Over a month since I wrote anything on here or anywhere else really. I think it's just been a really busy month!

At the end of June we went to California (notice that I didn't way we went 'home' even though I still tend to call CA home sometimes I am working on letting go). Chris and I had to go tie up some loose ends and take care of a few things. Allison went with us. Gianna decided she wanted to stay in North Carolina with her cousins since she doesn't like to fly. Leaving her was excruciating, I felt so bad. She cried the morning we flew out and I cried all the way to California basically. By the second day things were much better and we were all good. We were very generously loaned a car by a friend for the week and we stayed with our friends that have also been storing half of our stuff for 7 months... that was one of the 'loose ends' we had to tie up, go through our stuff that was left there and decide what would eventually come to South Carolina, what could be sold and what could be tossed. It was a daunting task but we did it and we both feel so much better now that we have seen our stuff, know whats coming and were able to get rid of ALOT of it!

I had mixed feelings about going. I for sure wasn't ready. For one, we are loving it here so much and I have so been looking forward to summer here that I didn't want to miss any of it. I certainly didn't want to miss any of it to go spend time in the hot desert of Southern California. I hate the heat of the desert. I lived there for the better part of 20 years and never got used to it, never enjoyed it.
I also didn't know how I felt about going back to the place that I couldn't wait to get out of. Not California, but the desert. As we flew over the desert I could look out the window and see everything, I saw Allison's high school (man, that kid loves and misses that school soo much), I could see the streets, the country clubs, all the familiar things that were part of my life for so very long. I knew how happy Allison was to be going there, how she couldn't wait to see Blake, her friends and to go to all of her favorite places. I got it, until almost 8 months ago this was all my kids had ever known. It was their world. I took them from it. We made them give it all up and move all the way across the country to start all over. That's hard. I did my best to keep a stiff upper lip and not think about all the awful things that make me hate the desert so much and to concentrate on the things that happened there that were good. It's hard, I won't lie. I am still resentful and emotional, still not ready to say 'oh man I miss this place'.
The trip ended up going very well. My brother Danny and my niece Sarah picked us up from the airport. That was perfect. We are all very close and being away from them for this long has been hard. Danny and I usually talk at least weekly, sometimes two or three times a week but to see him, to hang out with him and Sarah was so much better than just being on the phone with them.
We spent time with people that we missed so much. Oh, I forgot! One of the highlights of the trip was surprising Chris's parents by having Allison with us! My mother in law's face when she saw her oldest granddaughter get out of the car with me was priceless! I love that she got to see them, but we were all a little sad that Gianna wasn't there too for the surprise.
Allison has had the same two best friends for almost her whole life. Chandler and Miranda. She got to see both of them and Chandler actually flew home with us. It was perfect. She has now been here two weeks and they have had so much fun together.
Aren't they cute? They have been line dancin, gone to our little water park a couple times, been to downtown Greenville a couple times, been to the movies a couple times, church, the Waffle House, they have been knitting things, well shoot I reckon they have just had all sorts of southern fun! Allison has been dying to show her friends her new home, not just the house but the area and Chandler has loved every minute of it.
A week after Chandler got here Gianna's best friend Ashton came with her big sister! It was perfect, both my girls getting to spend time in South Carolina with their two best friends!
They are so cute together too! These two have been friends literally since the day Gianna was born. Ashton is 5 months older and when I was still in the hospital after giving birth to Gianna, Ashton and her parents (who happen to be our really good friends) came to see us. We have a picture of them together in Gianna's little hospital crib. Love that they are still so close.
We had a really good time with the girls. They played games, crafted, baked, we went to a baseball game, drove around and looked at all the beautiful sights of Greenville (oh and there are so many!).

The week flew by and then on Friday the rest of the Mudry family joined the party. We had 12 people staying at our house!! It was like a giant slumber party. It was so unbelievably fun to show them around this town that we have fallen so in love with. We have been waiting to share it with some of our friends and it was just perfect. They loved it, they appreciated it and we all had a great time. 
There we all are, in Downtown Greenville at Falls Park on the Reedy River. Beautiful place, perfect weather, perfect company. What a great day.
In a few days we will have to drive Chandler back to the airport so she can fly back home to her mom and dad who were so awesome and generous to send her to us for two and a half weeks. It will be sad, and I am sure there will be some tears shed. We are all so grateful for the time we have had this summer with people that we have missed so much. The good thing is summer isn't over yet and round two of visitors begins 5 days after Chandler leaves. Allison's other best friend Miranda is coming!! We can't wait to show her around and make her a bonafide southerner!
Have I mentioned how much I love living here? :) Shoot, well just in case you haven't heard... I sure do!


  1. A nice read. I wish I had started blogging from day one of my mom's accident and passing. So many things to say and no one I really want to say them to but need to release.

    I enjoyed your entry Nina and wish you love and contentment always.
    Sincerely, Lisa Gomez


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